Outfitting Your Outdoor Lifestyle
Outfitting Your Outdoor Lifestyle
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2015-2016 Texas Duck Season

February 10, 2016
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Although it could have been better, the Southern Wing Shooter crew managed to take over 200 puddle ducks throughout the season. We did our part by scouting every week and finding out where the birds were. We finished the season with no regrets and are looking forward to an even better season next year. We ask you to help out by contributing to companies like DU, Delta Waterfowl, and NWTF. They do nothing but help the population of birds and we can’t ask for anything better. If you have any questions about hunting, fishing, or the outdoors be sure to email southernwingshooters@yahoo.com. Good luck next season from the SWS crew.

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Logan Lair

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My name is Logan Lair. I am 18 and from East Texas. I own and run Southern Wing Shooters on Instagram (@swsoftexas). I have been fortunate enough to receive over 13,000 followers since July of 2015 and earn some sponsorships from several different companies. A few of my favorite animals to hunt are ducks, deer, hogs and turkeys. I hunt all over the state of Texas looking to gain more knowledge and experience about the great outdoors. I enjoy being outdoors and look forward to helping anyone who has any type of questions about hunting, fishing, or the outdoors in general.