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2015 NWTF New Mexico/Arizona Goulds Turkey Release Project

December 28, 2015
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With 2015 coming to an end, I’d like to take the time to reflect on one of the neatest experiences I got to be a part of this year.

Whether you are a part of the NWTF, RMEF, MDF or any other wildlife conservation organization the most important thing is just that, being a part of at least one of them.  Without Conservation organizations, our Hunting heritage would be obsolete. Conservation of animals and their habitats are of utmost importance.  While some animals are overpopulating areas, other animals are being severely affected by disease, predators, and development. Animals in the wild face growing external pressures and stresses. Conservation Organizations raise funds to restore and conserve habitat, while we, the hunters do our part in controlling the wildlife population through hunting.

I became the NWTF Women in the Outdoors Coordinator for New Mexico and Chapter President for our National Wild Turkey Federation local chapter, The Mesilla Valley Longbeards about 4 years ago. Just recently, I was voted in on our  New Mexico NWTF Board of Directors! Being a part of all of this means I get the opportunity to introduce, encourage, teach, learn and volunteer for such an amazing wildlife conservation organization!!   The start of my 2015 will be a memory I will never forget!!  The NWTF along with the New Mexico and Arizona Department of Game and Fish Biologists, conservation officers and volunteer staff exchanged  and released 43 New Mexico pronghorns for 60 Arizona Goulds Turkeys.  In January, I got to help release 16 of those Goulds turkeys into the Southern part of New Mexico near the Animas Mountains!!  They are tracked throughout the year to see how they are adapting to their new environment.  Biologists make several trips throughout the year to monitor and record them in their new habitat.

I captured a few images on video for you all to see.  There will be one final release project possibly in January 2016, and I hope I get to be a part of it again!

If you get time, please visit any of  your local hunting conservation websites.  I encourage you to become a part of them, it is truly rewarding!  #SavetheHabitatSavetheHunt

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My name is Helen Butt. I am from New Mexico. I live for my life in the great outdoors. I absolutely love to hunt. There’s something about being able to harvest an animal and feed your family that is just amazing. When I'm not hunting, I travel to compete in various 3D archery bowshoots. I am currently the NWTF Women in the Outdoors Coordinator for the State of New Mexico as well as our local NWTF Chapter President. I strongly believe wildlife conservation is vital, individual hunters make such a big contribution towards ensuring the future of many species of wildlife and habitat for the future.  My family and I are all members of the NWTF, the NRA the RMEF  and are active in mentoring our local Youth 4-H  and YHEC shooting sports competitions. It is important that our youth become involved and participate in hunting and that hunting mentors teach them what fair chase and ethical conduct and conservation is all about. I have also created an all female hunting/archery group called “Gals at Full Draw Outdoors". Empowering women and encouraging them to hunt and enjoy life in the great outdoors is my mission!