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Outfitting Your Outdoor Lifestyle
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September 1, 2015
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I originally decided not to go after speed goats (Pronghorn Antelope) this year due to the fact that most of my time was going towards scouting for elk in MT and WY.

I was getting the itch…BIG time!

I had a free weekend and I felt confident that the elk scouting has gone good and decided to stick close to home for the weekend. Then I got to thinking about antelope and the lack of me hunting them this year. It didn’t take much convincing for my left side of my brain to convince the right that I NEEDED a tag! I jumped online and ordered the archery tag unbeknown where I would be hunting just yet in South Dakota! I thought, “What the heck, why not?!”

There were a few obstacles as some would call it…I call it opportunity! You see, I would have my 5 year old daughter (Emmalynn) and my 4 year old son (Jackson) along with me for the weekend; luckily my 2nd half would too be along and I wanted them all to experience antelope hunting. Would it work out? Who would have known!?

To make a long story short and to save it for a future article; I was able to stalk a great buck and dispatch an arrow to make a lethal kill…all while the three of them watched from a few hundred yards through a spotter and binos! It was an epic day in the antelope prairie indeed!!!

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