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Outfitting Your Outdoor Lifestyle
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Aaron Neilson

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Aaron Neilson

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We hear it all the time, "Hunting, is not what I do, but who I am." In my case however, it's both what I do and who I am. It's a fortunate opportunity I've been blessed with for the past 24 years. I think we all dream of making a career out of something we love to do, and luckily for me I have definitely been able to make that dream come true. As a youngster, I was introduced to hunting by my father. We spent much of our time in our home state of Colorado chasing greenheads and Canadian honkers (my father's real passion). However, it was the once a year deer and elk hunting trip that I spent many sleepless nights thinking about. Although my father is since long gone now, the memories of my first spike muley, and him by my side at age 14 - will never be forgotten. 

After high school I was offered a chance to guide deer and elk hunters close to home, and my life's direction changed forever. I continued school but only during the spring and summer sessions as fall was reserved for guiding hunters. By my early 20's I was operating my own outfitting company and all thoughts of law school were long forgotten. For years I specialized in outfitting and guiding trophy Whitetail and Mule deer hunts on the Plains of eastern Colorado, along with some elk hunts in Colorado and New Mexico as well. I lost count long ago of the many great bucks we've taken over the years, but there's no doubt that the Plains have been good to me. It's a passion I still have today as I continue to guide regularly throughout eastern Colorado and elsewhere! 

Elk has always been my biggest passion in North America, but it was Africa that captured my imagination from a very young age. I still remember Mutual of Omaha's "Wild Kingdom", and I simply could not imagine what Africa would be like, especially the "King", the lion, the single greatest creature ever to walk planet Earth! It was the lion that would first take me to Africa, and it's the lion that has taken me back time and time again.  Since my first trip to Africa in the mid 90's, I have made over 35 trips to 8 different countries on the Dark Continent, almost exclusively in search of the Big 5 and the Dangerous 7. I have also sought out other species, including the Lord Derby's Giant Eland, the Bongo, and many, many others - but dangerous game has always lit my fire. To date, I have taken roughly 50+ different Dangerous 7 animals, including 15 lions, over 20 buffalo, numerous elephants, leopards, hippos, crocs, and rhino as well. I am also one of the few Americans who has ever held a full Professional Hunter's license in Tanzania, East Africa. I received that honor in 2010. Although Africa still has numerous species that I have yet to hunt, only the Mountain Nyala still captures my imagination. I hope a trip to Ethiopia someday will cure that little obsession.

As my hunting opportunities continued to expand, so did my involvement in the international hunting industry. It was a natural progression into the "hunt consulting" side of things as I felt I could definitely offer some great hunting adventures to my current and future clients. Since the late 90's I have helped arrange hunts for my clients close to home and around the world. Aside from Africa, my experience over the past 20+ years has also taken me to Alaska and Canada over 15 times for all species, guiding/hunting in Sonora Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Spain, Pakistan, Mongolia, Turkey, all over the continental U.S., and many other places. With over 110 species worldwide and only a couple short of my North American 29, I have been blessed to say the least.

More recently I have spent the past several years getting heavily involved in the TV/Video/Production side of the industry. This to include producing my own line of African hunting DVD's - GLOBAL HUNTER, and participating as the host of "Trijicon's World of Sports Afield". Which has led me to my current position as co-founder of Vision Quest Media, LLC. An exciting opportunity for myself and my partner (Dallas Hemeyer) to bring forth new and innovative film to an industry which is on the brink of breaking through to the next level of cinematic entertainment. 

How long the ride will last for sure, I'm not certain? For now though, I'm still hanging on and looking forward to tomorrow's adventure!!! 


Aaron Neilson   

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