Outfitting Your Outdoor Lifestyle
Outfitting Your Outdoor Lifestyle
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Codi Northam

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Codi Northam

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My Bio
I am a Northern California native (Auburn, CA) who was not raised in a "hunting household". But, throughout my whole life, hunting was something I had always wanted to learn how to do. I have had a love for the outdoors since I can remember. Hiking, camping, and just spending time out in "nature" was what I always preferred to do. Through high school, I played Football and ran Track & Field (Sprints, 100m, 200m, 4x200, and 4x400). During the off season from sports, my friends and I would either drive to Folsom Lake and spend our day on the water, drive down to the American River to swim in the crystal water, or drive up to Tahoe (only 45 minutes away) and hike out to various backcountry huts in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada's for an overnight. During my senior year of high school I enlisted into the United States Army under a 31B (Military Police) contract, and upon graduating 12th grade I immediately shipped out for the military. After spending some years at Fort Campbell, KY with the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), I got out of the Army and returned to California. I then began working for my father as an Architectural and Engineering Drafter, but after having been working for my father for a few years, he passed away and I was pretty much jobless. At that time I decided to move to Southern California (Newport Beach/Orange County) where I found employment and I finally reached a point where I could pursue the lifelong goal becoming a "hunter". So I put myself through Hunters Safety Course, and acquired all the bowhunting equipment I needed, to include purchasing my first bow (Hoyt Spyder 30) at Riverside Archery in Riverside, CA. I knew I had a lot to learn (I still do) and I had to play "catch up" since it seemed like everyone my age who hunts, has done it their whole lives. I purchased many hunting books and DVD's online and at the closest Bass Pro Shops which was almost two hours away. I bought "How-To" books and DVD's anywhere from how to skin a deer, to how to skin a deer for your taxidermy, to how to call in an animal, to how to field judge animals, etc. I had a lot to learn and no one to teach me. My 3 roommates were So-Cal surfers who thought I was the weirdest guy for buying a bow and wanting to hunt. But that's okay, they are weird for not wanting to do it to! Anyways, YouTube became my addiction with everything archery. It was what taught me the difference between a cam and a wheel, or a whisker biscuit and a fall away, or a serving and a string....you get the point. Needless to say, I got "the bug". Another product of the bowhunting obsession. I also knew I needed to get out of California if I wanted to live the lifestyle I eventually began living when I moved to Lascassas, Tennessee two years later. Before I moved though, I spent a lot of time scouting the desert hills of So-Cal with no kills. But when I got to TN, I started killing that season, and have been enjoying it ever since! I now live in Nashville (yes everyone is a songwriter here), and I have been blessed to travel to different places in North America with a bow in my hand. I don't take every minute I spend hunting for granted. I have amazing and well accomplished friends who hunt and are gracious enough to always pass on their knowledge to me. I give much of the credit for my success to those individuals who are a part of my "hunting family" (you know who you are). So currently, life consists of: studying for an Economics degree in college, working for a Private Security Contracting firm, and bowhunting every chance I get. To spare you, I will only post of my hunting ;). I hope you all find something from my experiences that can help you in yours. As everything I know, is from the experience of others, with a splash of my own experiences. God bless!
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Codi Northam

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