Outfitting Your Outdoor Lifestyle
Outfitting Your Outdoor Lifestyle
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Jake Leibke

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Jake Leibke

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Growing up in east central Minnesota I "cut my teeth" hunting and fishing the public grounds near home.  I grew up in a family where hunting and fishing were not taught and valued as I do now.  I did have an uncle that was an outdoorsman.  He would give me all his old outdoor magazines such as Outdoor Life and Field & Stream.  I would read them until the pages wore out and then read them some more.  This is where my passion for the outdoors comes from.

I am Basically a self-taught outdoorsman, learning mainly through books and magazines but mostly through the School of Hard Knocks.  I love all aspects of hunting but archery is my passion.  Being on the ground at eye level outsmarting a critter is my method of choice.  I have harvested numerous critters over the years including whitetail and mule deer, turkey's and antelope.

Wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of living near and working in a big city my wife and I moved our family to small town U.S.A. in east central South Dakota.  Here we are raising our 3 boys to love the outdoors.  I own a concrete construction business, Elite Concrete.


You can follow along on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Jacob.Leibke.  Also on Instagram at www.instagram.com/Jake_Leibke.
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