Outfitting Your Outdoor Lifestyle
Outfitting Your Outdoor Lifestyle
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Logan Lair

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Logan Lair

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My Bio
My name is Logan Lair. I am 18 and from East Texas. I own and run Southern Wing Shooters on Instagram (@swsoftexas). I have been fortunate enough to receive over 13,000 followers since July of 2015 and earn some sponsorships from several different companies. A few of my favorite animals to hunt are ducks, deer, hogs and turkeys. I hunt all over the state of Texas looking to gain more knowledge and experience about the great outdoors. I enjoy being outdoors and look forward to helping anyone who has any type of questions about hunting, fishing, or the outdoors in general.
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Southern Wing Shooters Tv, , https://youtu.be/ZLf6bYhwPPA

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  • April 15-May 14
    Spring Eastern Turkey Season

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