Outfitting Your Outdoor Lifestyle
Outfitting Your Outdoor Lifestyle
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AWESOME Turkey hunt!!! WATCH THIS!!

February 26, 2016
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This is a great turkey hunt that took place at the Tennessee Governor’s ONE SHOT in 2013. We had a camera set up on the decoy as well as in the blind. It was raining really hard and we were lucky to get the one we did! Awesome times with Jon Turner! That boy can call!!!

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I grew up in the suburbs of Milwaukee where my strong hunting heritage did not necessarily mix with the common city life of the kids I grew up with. Never being a follower, I stuck to my roots and showed many city dwellers the comradery, excitement, and thrill that lies in hunting. I started tagging along with his dad at 6 years of age and then started hunting at the age of 12 taking his first buck that year. Only hunting the 9 day gun season quickly grew old and I grabbed a bow and arrow and took to the woods. After months of scouting before school and after soccer practice, I arrowed my first deer. A double drop tine buck that scored over 165” and the addiction for big animals was on! I had always chased meat before then and was thrilled to take anything home. But the chase after trophy animals was completely different! During my college years and in between playing NCAA soccer and golf, I would slip into the woods of West Virginia, taking fellow soccer players, and developed a love for the mountain style of hunting which eventually took me to Alaska. After graduating in 2006, I returned to WI and quickly put my new found knowledge to use while hunting the Midwest. Since 2006 I have been fortunate enough to have harvested a P&Y or Boone & Crockett animal every year through scouting and dissecting any given piece of land in WI, IL, AK and OK. I have been lucky enough to capture many of my biggest animals while self-filming as well, another passion of mine. I truly dedicate my success to doing research, time afield, following instincts and a lucky horseshoe. Starting in 2008, I began hunting Alaska and quickly fell in love with its serenity and beauty but also the challenges and struggles that are faced when doing self-guided pack in trips there. I have since been to Alaska on 10 different hunting trips taking a caribou or bear every trip. One trip in particular lasted 24 days in the field with only having arranged meat pick up times by a local friend….9 miles from camp. My love for hunting is only surpassed by my love for helping others succeed and introducing people to the sport. I feel blessed to be able to share my experiences with so many people and want nothing more than for everyone I help, to harvest that animal of a lifetime!