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Outfitting Your Outdoor Lifestyle
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October 22, 2017
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Brothers, to some it is just a word, an idea or an empty desire never found. To us it is a bond that surpasses family name, creed or blood. It is an eternal bound earned through blood, sweet and tears. There is no greater joy spending time on top of the world with those who carry the same burdens, heart aches, passions, desires and sacrifice of a life lived beyond mere existence. Here we find peace, calm and a quiet resting place for our souls. We share these memories in honor of those who cannot share them with us. Although we know they bask in all our glory as they watch over us. My hope is to bring many more of my brothers and sisters high on the mountain to this place of rest. Here everything just makes since. May all who have paid the ultimate sacrifice live on through us as we conquer one mountain at a time. 

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Steve Hollister

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Hunting is not just a passion for me its a legacy that has been carefully guarded, preserved and past on to me by my family so I may do the same. It is my heritage and it is my families legacy. I can't remember a time in my life when hunting and fishing was not in it. I served in the military for 8 years. That time and experience gave way to my relentless pursuit of combining my passion with helping my fellow Veterans in there journey to overcome great adversity through the experiences the outdoors has to offer. I am the Co-founder and President of the non profit company Blood On Ground Outdoors Inc. My greatest passion is Archery hunting. My hope is to pass on our precious heritage my children and help others find their passion in the wild outdoors. I am a proud member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the Mule Deer Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, The NRA and The National Field Archery Association. God, Family, Country, Outdoors Forever!