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Outfitting Your Outdoor Lifestyle
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Cold Steel

October 26, 2016
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Having grown up in northern Idaho I was constantly surrounded by vast forests. Mountain ranges loaded with trees five minutes from my house and in a full 360 degree radius. As you head south in Idaho and leave the cover of pine trees, the mountain ranges expose themselves to allow you to see their grandeur. Once you get to Lewiston and head across the border into Washington everything inside you begins to change. You can see the way the water has formed the mountains over thousands of years. Creating piercing lines to form draws that lead all the way to the river below. Being able to see the lines crossing these ridges literally humbles you, knowing that hundreds of years ago the amount of water flowing through that valley was comparable to an ocean. I never thought I would be able to love a mountain range with nothing but dried grasses covering it as much as I do when I find myself on the Snake River. It holds a mystical feel that tugs at your soul so deeply that you’ll never want to leave. The river is lined with white sandy beaches. Giving the tropics a run for their money. The lap of the river against the sandy banks literally convinces you that you’re seaside. It is an amazing feeling to be on such a vast river in October not far from your home tree of four full seasons and still be sweating in a t-shirt. The watching your own breath disappear type of crisp morning soon turned into a I should be wet wading kind of afternoon. We pulled out the Spey arsenal and all soon started casting into scum lines and currents. Drifting purples, blues, oranges, whatever we thought might catch the eye of that, fresh off a sea adventure, prize. I was so thankful to be on a stretch of water that afternoon that I wasn’t forced to rub elbows with a fellow angler. Being able to only hear the rush of the river and your own cast pulling itself off the water is nothing short of magical. We were all making our way drifting through a hole when smash! I had one on the hook. Anyone who has caught a fish knows the instantaneous increase in heartbeat. I’ve never been one to let on that I’ve got one at the end of my line but as soon as the sea venturing maniacs start practicing their backflips out of the water and skating along the surface, trying their very best to stay as far away from me as possible, I can’t help but crack a smile so big that I end up making my cheeks hurt the next day. I let him run and get tuckered out as I made my way closer to the bank so I could land him on top of the flats that lined this stretch of water. As soon as I grabbed him my heart felt full. Catching multiple species of fish is a truly gratifying feeling but waiting months for a steelhead to show back up and finally getting to feel its scales through their protective coating in your hands, will always be something that makes me proud to be an angler. They are undoubtedly a feat of nature. Their unmistakable ability to make so many people feel intoxicatingly blissful has changed me from the boots up. Every year and every fish will forever be different and always a memorable trip on the water.

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Being born and raised in northern Idaho my passion for the outdoors began at a young age. It started with hunting and educating the masses about conservation and has turned into a massive fishing addiction driven by a love for the sport and the science behind preserving them and their beautiful habitats. The more you learn, the greater the respect for nature will be! Never giving up on my dreams as I fish my way through the amazing territory Idaho, Washington, and Montana have to offer. Followed by my amateur photography skills and a couple of blue heelers. Making a life, not a living, one river at a time!