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Cook that trout !

September 19, 2016
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Hey ! Cook that Trout

Got One! , was the battle cry of a few of my trout angling friends over the past weekend

while catching some of Vermonts finest table fair, the Rainbow trout here in Bennington.

I was asked “ Chris, how do you prepare these fish,and make them taste as good as you do”, so I thought about that answer for awhile, and to make this as easy as I could for the novice chef.

Our stream trout here are very palatable but some care does need to be taken in preparing them for the table.

Remember that cold water stream trout have a nice white flesh that is easly prepared

I prefer to fillet my fish, as you can do more with the fish than if you decided to leave it whole. One trick I have learned over the years is to chill your trout fillet in the coldest water you can get for thirty minutes it will make the meat firm and easy to work with.

The next question is to figure out whether you want pan fried or grilled trout, for the novice pan fried trout is very easy to accomplish in a non stressful situation.

I start with a 10” nonstick frying pan with one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, heat on medium high for five minutes then turn it down to medium, make sure your trout fillets are dry as the water will pop when you put them in the fry pan.

Take your fillets and add salt and pepper to taste, I like to make mine Italian so I will add a table spoon of Italian salad dressing to my fish and spread it on the fleshy side and let it sit at room temp for five minutes.

Then, take your fillet, flesh side down and cook it for 4 minutes then flip it over and cook it for another 4 minutes. It dosent take long for this type of fish to cook, and most novice chefs will over cook the fish until it is so dry that the dog wont eat it. So dont make that mistake.

Add your favorite tossed salad and you have created an easy, healthy and tasty meal that the fish lovers in your family will be asking you to make again.

So dont be afraid to try something different in the kitchen with the great tasting fish that you catch here in Vermont.

Chris Bates hosts “Outdoor Secrets Unwrapped” with Stephanie Calabro , which can be seen daily on CAT-TV, GNAT-TV, Orca Media, and www.thehuntingchannelonline.com

To contact Chris Bates email www.chrisbates227@msn.com

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