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Crappie fishing with Former MLB Pitcher Steve Trout

May 6, 2016
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What a whirl-wind a week can be in the outdoors, especially if your name is Chris Bates host of the popular tv show”Outdoor Secrets Unwrapped” seen on CAT-TV here in Bennington,

Anyway, I received a phone call from former MLB pitcher Steve Trout wanting to come see Vermont and fish our wonderful streams we have here, “Chris, my plane lands at Albany International on Tuesday 10:45 am Iam gonna need a ride” said Steve

With that, I sprung into action, making all kinds of fishing plans and calling in a few favors to make Steve’s trip here as enjoyable as possible.

After picking Steve up at the airport, we headed back to Bennington, making small talk on the way, and of course talking about fishing and baseball which made the ride fly by.

“Hey Chris, what is there to do in Bennington besides fishing”, said Steve with a chuckle, “well, Steve we have some time let me show you” we jumped in the tv truck and I decided to play tour guide, first stop was our country club for some great views and some awesome conversation about Steve’s Job with the Chicago Cubs, then off to the farmers market at merchants park, where we met a few friends and talked a little baseball , then off to Madisons Brewery where Mr.Trout had a few samples of some of the beer they had on tap, then back to the house to get cleaned up for a conversation with the Voice On Sports guys at the WBTN studios here in Bennington,Vermont.

I thought Wednesday would never get here, as we headed to Lake champlain to meet up with my friend and guide James Vladyka. “Ready to slay the crappies” barked Vladyka. With in minutes the boat was loaded up with TV cameras, water and fishing gear and off we went to search out crappies.

It wasnt long before Stephanie Calabro co host of “Outdoor Secrets Unwrapped” hooked into our first fish of the day a nice pound and a half Crappie, “that’s gonna start the ball rolling” said our guide James, and just that quick, Steve was hauling in a crappie too,” hey Chris, the crappies in the midwest are nothing like this are they”, said Trout. I started laughing with my response of, “no there not Steve they are quite small”

Five hours on the water is about all I could take and with a live well full of monster crappies we were off to the cleaning shed, for another experience of converting our catch into fillets, “looks like we are having fried crappie and KFC coleslaw Bates” boomed Trouts voice.

“Hey we are going trout fishing tomorrow right”, asked Steve. “You betcha my friend I wouldnt miss that for anything” I replied, but Iam going to save that story for next weeks column where I get a lesson from Steve Trout on how to catch trout in my home waters as well as some great fishing storys with his dad Paul “Dizzy” Trout and Ted Williams.

So far so good Chris, I am really liking Vermont and your little town of Bennington.

Chris Bates host “Outdoor Secrets Unwrapped” with Stephanie Calabro,Which can be seen daily on Cat-TV, GNAT-TV, Orca Media, and www.thehuntingchannelonline.com. To Contact Chris bates , email www.chrisbates227@msn.com

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Chris Bates began his career as an outdoor enthusiast in 1980- 19 yr old Water-Fowler,and as time went on, Chris picked up the art of water fowl calling and his 12 gauge shotgun then in 1983, Chris purchased his first gun dog, a German Shorthaired Pointer. Chris learned to train upland bird dogs in the fine art of pointing. From that day on Chris never looked back. Chris's dogs have won numerous championships as well as some AKC honers. It was in 1985 when Chris opened his game farm/hunt club, and Chris became (at the time) the largest breeder of Bobwhite Quail in Northern Illinois, as well as Chukar partridge and wild turkey. Chris entered the world of Professional hunting in 1989- and was subsequently named 1989 winner of the Pheasant Championships with his German Shorthaired Pointer "Painter" Chris has finished in the top 10 in the 20 yrs that he competed with his dogs. With years of outdoor experience, including hunting and fishing, Chris began a media career that would take him to new heights, in 1990, Chris began doing fill in work for other accomplished broadcasters in the outdoor radio industry. from 2006-2008 Chris was a featured columnist for the Quad City Times and more recently a columnist for the Bennington Banner 2015 When Chris began his program "Hunting the Midwest" now known as Outdoor Secrets Unwrapped 26 yrs ago it wasn't long before he began changing the way outdoor programs were done. Chris Made it his mission to broadcast to the avid sportsman, but also to women and novices. That enthusiasm is evident, as Chris and Stephanie continue to tour the Northeast conducting and hosting Outdoor Secrets Unwrapped on station through out the Northeast. https://www.facebook.com/OutdoorSecretsUnwrapped/