Outfitting Your Outdoor Lifestyle
Outfitting Your Outdoor Lifestyle
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Forging a Friendship

August 9, 2016
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Have you ever wondered,  “What is one way in which I can build a stronger bond with someone?” Many of you who read this may already know. Those that don’t are missing out on a key aspect in their life!

There are many ways that come to my mind but very few will equal that of spending countless days with someone on top of  a mountain or in the outdoors wherever that may be! These friendships are built on many levels but nothing compares to that of “suffering” through a hunt! Freezing while waiting on an animal, burning legs going up a mountain, total exhaustion overcoming you while the other feels the same effects, pushing your bodies to the limits together, supporting each other, laughing at the others actions or the things you get to know about the other person on extended hunts in the backcountry. These are things that can never be replicated anywhere else! Many of my bonds with various people have been built and strengthened in the outdoors.

So many in life will never get to experience these types of friendships and experiences. How I pity them!

May God bless each and every one of you!

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At a very young age Jared was raised to appreciate Mother Nature and everything that It has to offer. His lifestyle and hunting passion is a desire that has been honed from a family up-bringing and years spent pursuing the wild game that he seeks. Jared enjoys his time spent in the outdoors connecting with the primitive instinct that was placed into man thoasands of  years ago; it is a God given right that he cannot get enough of and capitalizing on the opportunities is a daily goal of his. Jared enjoys supporting various outdoor and hunting related clubs and organization to help with better conservation practices while all bettering the game we pursue. Raising his two young children to appreciate the finer things in life that he was raised to grasp with a delicate hand all while teaching them the rules and the ways of the outdoors is a priority of his. Jared is a hardcore DIY backcountry hunter that takes pride in what the outdoors and the wild has taught him. Being able to connect with followers, readers, and viewers is something that he enjoys to do using written articles, video, and testimonials. Being supported by numerous companies in the outdoor and hunting community helps Jared continue to be a more successful sportsman. Being a freelance writer allows him to relive his adventures one word at a time through connecting with others in various facets in life. Jared, being a very goals driven individual, is always striving to meet and exceed his goals and expectations in life.