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Former UFC Champion Tim Sylvia vs Lake Michigan King

May 22, 2016
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Tim Sylva vs. the Lake Michigan King Salmon

By Chris Bates

After recently having the UFC World Champion Tim Sylvia on my outdoors show Outdoor Secrets Unwrapped, I realized that we both have the same passion, the love for the great outdoors.

Chris, I would love to be sitting in my tree stand with my bow waiting for that monster buck right now” said UFC World Champion Tim Sylvia

There is nothing like sitting out in nature on a crisp fall day ,with all the leaves in full color”

Both Tim and I enjoy the shooting sports when it comes to the outdoors, but we have very little time to spend on the water to fish, as much as we would love to get out there.

During the radio show I was able to question Tim if he had ever caught a Lake Michigan King, with his puzzled look I knew the answer was no. So the challenge was on with the UFC World Champion, little did Tim know this was going to be one tough opponent.

After a quick phone call to my buddy, Capt. Dave Garnier, the trip to Lake Michigan was set.

Our August day was perfect for Tim, Myself, Brin Gibson and my buddy Mark Kramer, as we were all excited and ready for our three and a half hour ride to our destination,

North Point Marina just out side Zion, Illinois.

After arriving at the marina for our afternoon fishing trip, Capt. Dave Garnier was waiting for us on his thirty three foot charter boat called ADDICTION.

Capt. Dave explained to all of us that we were going to be fishing in one hundred fifteen feet of water and we will be three and a half miles off shore.

Why so far” asked Tim, Capt. Dave responded with “That is where the colder water is and the fish will stage there”.

Our primary target this afternoon will be the Steelhead, which is the same as a rainbow trout and the famous Lake Michigan King Salmon” said our Capt.

After Capt. Dave set all the fishing rods out we were ready to start fishing.

We had two down riggers set at sixty feet for lake trout, six dipsy divers for the suspended fish in twenty to thirty feet of water and two lead core poles for the stragglers.

With in ten minutes of trolling for these beasts the first down rigger popped and our first fish was on. Brin was the first one to grab the pole and started to bring in the fish, with the help of Capt. Dave our female guest landed her first Steelhead and broke the ice.

Thirty minutes had passed and finally our dipsey popped and Capt Dave screamed “Fish On!”

With cat like reflexes Tim grabs the rod and was hooked up with a big fish, the fight was on

I was able to look at the counter on the Shimono Dakota reel which read one hundred seventy five feet ,and, with a still screaming drag. The UFC Champion screams out “Is it ever going to stop” I look at the counter again and it read two hundred and twenty feet when Tim was able to start bringing in this monster.

Fighting a Lake Michigan King Salmon will take every bit of your energy, so you have to pace your self” said our Capt. Dave

Tim fought this fish for twenty three minutes only two minutes short of his last title fight ,and finally Capt. Dave was able to net it and bring it on board. “Wow what a fish” screamed Tim

With all the excitement Tim could not believe how hard a ten pound Lake Michigan King salmon could fight. “It’s hard on your arms” Tim replied

With nine fish in the box it was time to call it the day on one of our country’s greatest fisheries, Lake Michigan

Trolling Lake Michigan for salmon is a great way to enjoy the out doors with your friends and family

I will never forget my experience with Tim, as we shared some hunting stories as well as a few personal laughs, But to see the UFC World Champion truly show the love and respect he has for the great outdoors really says a lot about his character

So the next time you run into The UFC World Champion, ask him what its like to fight a ten pound Lake Michigan King Salmon.

Chris Bates host’s Outdoor Secrets Unwrapped with Stephanie Calabroon CAT-TV Channel 15 (Comcast) also www.thehuntingchannelonline.com and www.theoutdoorinsiders.com

Contact Chris at chrisbates227@msn.com

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