Outfitting Your Outdoor Lifestyle
Outfitting Your Outdoor Lifestyle
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Holiday Gifts for the Outdoor Enthusiast

November 23, 2016
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By Chris Bates

With the Christmas season closing in on us, and having to buy a gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your family can be quite trying. But never fear I will help you with some great outdoor ideas this holiday season.

Outdoors enthusiasts love to read about all the new products that are out in the hunting and fishing world as well as all the resorts and how to seminars, with a subscription to one of the more popular outdoor magazines that cover everything from angling, hunting, gundogs, and just abut everything outdoors, this just might be the ticket for your hunter or angler in your home this holiday season.

Anglers never have enough storage space for all the tackle they carry, many outdoors stores will have many different styles of “Tackle Boxes” to choose from as well as all the new models that are going to hit the shelves this season, many are under 25.00 and will suffice most anglers needs.

Another popular Item for the outdoor enthusiast this holiday season is the ever popular hand held GPS, hunters and anglers alike use this item to mark there most popular fishing spot as well as there hot tree stand, Gift buyers “This is better than a compass”. The GPS has become very affordable and can be had for under 200.00 at most outdoor stores.

For the gun dog owner there are many new items out for the holiday season. One can never be with out a good first aid kit for there dog. A good quality first aid kit can be had for under 30.00 and will have everything you would need in case of a pet emergency that may occur in the field or the home. Most on line pet companies will carry this product as well as any local pet super store.

For the hunter in the family, one can never be with out a quality knife. The Buck 110 has become a staple in most hunting gear bags, this durable knife has been around since the 1930’s, the handles have changed a bit, but this rugged classic can be had for under 40.00 and you can find the Buck 110 at most outdoors stores.

Lastly, for the outdoors enthusiast that “has everything” you can never go wrong with the ever popular gift card from their favorite outdoors store. The trick to giving the gift card is to find out which is there favorite outdoors store, so ask a lot of questions on where they like to shop for there outdoor needs. With that in mind there is no way to go wrong with this holiday gift.

So this holiday season, with a little ingenuity, you will bring a huge smile to the outdoor enthusiast in your family when they open that ultimate outdoor gift from you this year, under the tree.

Chris Bates & Stephanie Calabro host’s “Outdoor Secrets Unwrapped ” on CAT -TV channel 15 , He can be contacted at Chrisbates227@msn.com

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Chris Bates began his career as an outdoor enthusiast in 1980- 19 yr old Water-Fowler,and as time went on, Chris picked up the art of water fowl calling and his 12 gauge shotgun then in 1983, Chris purchased his first gun dog, a German Shorthaired Pointer. Chris learned to train upland bird dogs in the fine art of pointing. From that day on Chris never looked back. Chris's dogs have won numerous championships as well as some AKC honers. It was in 1985 when Chris opened his game farm/hunt club, and Chris became (at the time) the largest breeder of Bobwhite Quail in Northern Illinois, as well as Chukar partridge and wild turkey. Chris entered the world of Professional hunting in 1989- and was subsequently named 1989 winner of the Pheasant Championships with his German Shorthaired Pointer "Painter" Chris has finished in the top 10 in the 20 yrs that he competed with his dogs. With years of outdoor experience, including hunting and fishing, Chris began a media career that would take him to new heights, in 1990, Chris began doing fill in work for other accomplished broadcasters in the outdoor radio industry. from 2006-2008 Chris was a featured columnist for the Quad City Times and more recently a columnist for the Bennington Banner 2015 When Chris began his program "Hunting the Midwest" now known as Outdoor Secrets Unwrapped 26 yrs ago it wasn't long before he began changing the way outdoor programs were done. Chris Made it his mission to broadcast to the avid sportsman, but also to women and novices. That enthusiasm is evident, as Chris and Stephanie continue to tour the Northeast conducting and hosting Outdoor Secrets Unwrapped on station through out the Northeast. https://www.facebook.com/OutdoorSecretsUnwrapped/