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I’m Disgusted with Hunters

May 22, 2016
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I’m Disgusted with the hunting community, there is no other group that spends as much time, effort, and money into their passion while simultaneously be self-destructive and counterproductive then us hunters. If we don’t wake up we are going to lose it all.

26% of Americans are against hunting , but only about 4% of the population are hunters that would seem like big discrepancy, except for the fact that the other 70% are in favor or indifferent on hunting as long as people are following the law.

It is our job…… no our duty..to our children and their children if we want our hunting heritage to continue, to be ambassadors of the lifestyle. What does that mean? It means:1) Cultivate future ambassadors, bring a child in the field teach them good ethical practices and how to respect nature. 2) Offer to take a non-hunter in the field have them experience what it is to see the world through the hunters eye. 3) Stop conducting ourselves as the antis would like to portray us, as blood thirsty savages, toothless rednecks, or sub humans. 4) Instead of fighting amongst ourselves all the time, start viewing each other as a brother in arms. We spend so much time and energy fighting and bickering amongst ourselves while the anti-hunters are winning a war of attrition, chipping away at our public lands and hunting rights bit by bit. Who cares if a guy likes to hunt in Texas under a feeder, or a guy prefers to hunt with a rifle instead of a bow or a compound instead of a recurve. It doesn’t matter if your fellow hunter is taking game by legal means and doing it ethically don’t waste your energy on him/her focus your attention on the guy who is making hunting look bad or better yet take your energy and put it to conservation and or support of one of the many positive groups that help keep our heritage alive.

I feel like if took half the time we spent trying to get on someone’s pro-staff and self-promotion (yes myself included) and spread a little positive awareness we would be in a much better position than we are now as a group.

Let’s face it, the antis are far better at playing games than we are and far better unified as a group than us. I believe it was Chris Denham said recently (paraphrased) “that if one of the Anti-hunting groups said lets ban rabbit hunting on every third Sunday of the month, every one of them would jump on board….” “But We have conservation groups that fight each other over land use etc. all the time..”

We need to focus on the fact that 74 percent of Americans support hunting. That’s an overwhelming majority. We need to help keep that majority view, support our sport and do our very best to keep a positive view in the public eye.. Come Election Day we need to vote our sport. Yes vote for those people who are pro-hunting regardless of party. Antis win ballot initiatives with deception, lies, and cash. And unlike us they are constantly trying to recruit and brain wash more Americans.

Look at it like this, antis speak on a much bigger platform than us, they talk to the public directly with propaganda and use high profile spokes people to achieve their agenda. When we talk about conservation and the good we do we only speak to our community (the hunters). It’s like preaching to the choir. The only time we are in the public eye is when we do something wrong , you never see anything positive about hunting in main stream media. Our fights and victories always happen behind closed doors. There are no billboards out there that say “thank your fellow sportsman for making this possible” So the majority of the public doesn’t know that we do more for wildlife conservation than all the anti-hunting groups combined , they don’t know that half the species roaming the US today are here for us to enjoy due greatly to hunting initiatives. What the public sees is articles in main stream media that have statements like this :

Hunting is not Sport Hunting is often called a “sport,” to disguise a cruel, needless killing spree as a socially acceptable activity. However, the concept of sport involves competition between two consenting parties, adherence to rules and fairness ensured by an intervening referee, and achieving highest scores but not death as the goal of the sporting events. In hunting, the animal is forced to “participate” in a live-or-die situation that always leads to the death of the animal, whereas the hunter leaves, his/her life never remotely at stake.)

Hunting is not “Fair chase” Despite hunters’ common claim of adhering to a “fair chase” code, there is no such thing. With an arsenal of rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders, handguns, bows and arrows, hunters kill more than 200 million animals yearly – likely crippling, orphaning, and harassing millions more. The annual death toll in the U.S. includes 42 million mourning doves, 30 million squirrels, 28 million quail, 25 million rabbits, 20 million pheasants, 14 million ducks, 6 million deer, and thousands of geese, bears, moose, elk, antelope, swans, cougars, turkeys, wolves, foxes, coyotes, bobcats, boars, and other woodland creatures. Hunters also frequently use food and electronic callers to lure unsuspecting animals in front of their weapons. The truth is, the animal, no matter how well-adapted to escaping natural predators she or he may be, has virtually no way to escape death once he or she is in the cross hairs of a scope mounted on a rifle or a cross bow.


A non-hunter who is indifferent on the idea of hunting is very likely to read this and take it as gospel and not really research or challenge the accusation made by this group and just like that…. another one goes over to the dark side. We need to extinguish the fires set by anti- hunting groups with good sound science and statistics. Honestly I’m not opposed to stooping to their level in a sense, by releasing information (but true info) on where all the money they collect really goes, on how many animals they euthanize each year, their shady dealings within politics and all the other skeletons they are hiding from the public in their closets. For instance how they use the tax payers money to wage their wars in the courts with EAJA. Yes the antis use your own money to take what it is you are fighting for. Matter of fact it’s their business model. The more law suits they have the more money they make. Bottom line they play dirty, they play smarter than us, and again they are more unified than us. Plus their followers engage in “guerilla warfare” how many of us hunters are stalking vegans, or anti-hunting social media pages and sending them hate mail or posting vicious comments… I’m certainly not, but I get an onslaught of unsolicited, unprovoked hate mail and vicious/malicious comments on my instagram and facebook accounts .

We don’t do that.. and I’m not saying go start picking fights either, but you have to admire their passion and drive for what they believe in , hell the only way we get passionate about something if there is a giveaway for free gear otherwise we could give a dam about what’s going on around us. Yeah there are exceptions and we do a lot of good within our group to help the less fortunate but day to day when it comes to being invested they kick our asses…

I’m not a very political person, I don’t enjoy it and I avoid it at all costs really. However, I don’t want to see hunting go away and I don’t want it to disappear for my grandchildren or great grandchildren so if I gotta get involved in something I dislike to make that happen I will.. I’m almost done with my rant… in conclusion stop wasting your time and energy fighting with your fellow hunter, be an ambassador and Lastly get involved with as many pro hunting groups you can afford to.






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