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Outfitting Your Outdoor Lifestyle
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Preparation for bow season

September 17, 2016
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I strongly believe preparation is key to a successful hunting season… Our opening day for bow season is in one week.  As I can understand its not always easy making time for checking cameras, planting food plots and doing extensive scouting; however that hard work will pay off later!

  1. First and foremost, get comfortable with your bow! Make sure it’s consistent and so are you, make sure the draw weight is comfortable! A deer is not impressed by how much draw weight you have! Also, can you hold that weight for an extended time for the perfect shot? Shoot at multiple angles and positions and take it to the stand a few times!
  2. While you are in the treestand make sure you have clear shooting lanes. One little twig can deflect that arrow.
  3. Make sure you ensure the safety of the treestand and that you have a safety harness! I used to think I didn’t need one until I witnessed first hand how debilitating life can be after a fall from a treestand! Also make sure you have room for your gear and your bow comfortably.
  4. Check your gear, do you have clothes for multiple weather conditions? Has it been washed in scent- free detergent?
  5. Scout, scout and do more scouting! What kind of pattern do the deer follow? Find out where their shelter is and main food supply. This is where trail cams come in handy as well! A good food plot will allow you to have a good idea where they will be feeding if successful.  This can also be crucial in knowing where to set your treestand.
  6. And finally a very important step is being familiar with all hunting laws and regulations. This is also a good time to talk to your local neighbors and landowners and farmers to ensure you have permission each year in writing( at least that’s how it is here)  and it develops a good relationship and trust with these partners.

I am sure there are some other important factors I have missed; but I feel I have covered the basics; thanks for reading!

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