Outfitting Your Outdoor Lifestyle
Outfitting Your Outdoor Lifestyle
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August 12, 2015
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Early Season Scouting,

I am out doing what I love and loving what I do! Such as scouting, preparing, and patterning bucks so that sometime this year I will have a chance to draw back my bow and be able to get a shot off at one of these Northwest Kansas monsters. I had an awesome opportunity this year to got to the 4th annual producers camp with Jimmy Sites and was able to meet a lot of great people who are helping me get into the industry! Thanks for all of all of your guys’s support!

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About Tayton

Tayton Weeter

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My Bio

I'm 15 years old and am trying to get my foot in the door in the outdoor industry. I have hunted ever since I can remember in Northwest Kansas and it has always been a dream and passion to have my own hunting show and to be in the industry. I harvested anything from big Muley's and Whitetails to Predators and Turkeys. My first experience on TV was in January of 2012. I was hunting Pheasants  with Jimmy Sites in Northwest Kansas. I hope you check out my Facebook page (Broken Country Outdoors.)