Cass Creek Game Calls Moose Call

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Moose Call

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Product Description

Cass Creek Ergo Moose Electronic Game Call is compact and has an ergonomic grip. With one a hand push button operation, this game call is easy to use. The Cass Creek Ergo Moose Electronic Game Call features real live moose calls. The sounds are high quality and effective to ensure you call in the moose you want.

The Ergo Moose Electronic Game Call has five calls on one unit, auto interrupt feature, and a handy on /off and volume thumb dial.

Operates on 3 AAA batteries (included/installed) and comes with a convenient belt clip.

Calls Included:

– Bull Reply: Lonely bull replying to a cow.
– Aggressive Bull: Bull defending his territory.
– Bull Grunt: Bull calling for a cow.
– Mating Moose: Cow being tended by a bull.
– Sparring Bulls: Bulls sparring attracts other bulls and willing cows.


– Push button operation with “instant interrupt”
– Adjustable volume dial
– Rugged rubber grip design
– Auto shut-off saves batteries
– One-hand operation
– Natural bark camouflage
– Operates on 3 AAA batteries, included

Additional Information

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Dimensions 8.5 x 6.75 x 2 in


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