Outfitting Your Outdoor Lifestyle
Outfitting Your Outdoor Lifestyle
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Southern Woods & Waters KY Turkey hunt

July 16, 2015
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Follow Hugh and Joy McNaughten of Southern Woods & Waters on a trip to their farm in KY, where Joy is able to harvest a nice long beard!

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About Hugh

Hugh McNaughten

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My Bio

Hugh A. McNaughten was born and raised in east Texas near Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend Lakes. It was along those lake shores that he began to wander in the woods with his father and learn how to hunt. Hugh started fishing when he was four years old and started hunting at age six. The next year he killed his first deer, and he’s never missed an opening day of deer season since. Hugh caught his first 10 lb. bass when he was 14 and started fishing tournament trails on Sam Rayburn Lake two years afterwards. His love for the woods and waters created an insatiable drive to live in and learn all about the outdoors. Hugh came to Nashville, TN in 1983 and immediately fell in love with the state and the people who live there. He became heavily involved with Hunter and Bowhunter Education programs and, like everyone else, enjoyed watching the Tennessee Outdoorsman Show with Jimmy Holt. Presenting seminars with the Hunter’s Night Out programs for the Tennessee Farmer’s Cooperative based in LaVergne, TN provided opportunities for him to meet Jimmy Holt, Bill Hall, and other local fishing and hunting celebrities. During Hugh’s tenure as a Hunter/Bowhunter Education instructor, he met the gracious woman who was to become his wife and best friend, Joy. When they married in 1998, Hugh immediately became part of a very large, close-knit family. Joy and Hugh have two fine daughters, Kimberly and Monica, and they have three grandchildren, Shelby, Lawson, and Tyler. Hugh’s life revolves around those children now. Joy and Hugh even plan their hunting and fishing trips so that the grandchildren are always welcome to go. Hugh truly loves teaching them and watching them grow and learn. He truly believe that the greatest rewards that we receive from being in the outdoors start when we become mentors, parents, and grandparents.