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Swarovski STX 95 Review!! Must Read!!

September 24, 2015
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Everyone has heard of Swarovski Optik. Everyone also knows they make some of the best optics in the world. In order to be successful in Western Hunting you need good optics to have the best advantage possible. Great glass can make or break a hunt, so I knew I needed to invest my money in something worth every penny. After several months of research and talking to hunters and guides I made my choice to go with the Swarovski Optik STX 30-70×95 spotting scope. The image that the glass produces from 30-70 power is outstanding! I have never looked through a spotting scope on the highest power and been able to actually judge an animal I am looking at, at over 500 yards away. The scope is a little on the heavy side but trust me its worth its weight in gold, people think im crazy until they actually see the sharp, crisp, and bright image this scope makes. Another reason I decided to get the STX series is because of the modular system. Since I have the STX eyepiece I have the option of swapping my 95mm lense with a 85mm or 65mm lense depending on the situation. This keeps you from buying a whole other scope if you are looking to pack in for a remote big game hunt. I can easily attach my phoneskope, digital camera and DSLR to my scope with simple attachments that will stun your friends, family and followers. If you are looking for the best Spotting Scope on the market that might decide weather or not the ram is legal…then this scope might be for you!

(Have a question about the scope? Shoot me a email and I will be glad to help!)

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