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The Hunt of a Lifetime

July 31, 2015
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This June I traveled down to the Limpopo of Area of South Africa. Ever since a little kid I also had a desire and dream to hunt Africa, and well it came true! I chose TDK Safaris because of the many different packages and animals they had to pursue! The prices were affordable and the accommodations were incredible! I had my own chalet with my own bed, own bathroom, my own house pretty much!! The food was unbelievably good, everything was fresh and tasted great! The hunt was truly incredible, we saw every animal you could think of! It was breath taking! In the mornings we would spot an stalk, then move toward the blinds later in the morning as it started getting hotter, after lunch we would sit in a blind and see literally hundreds of animals! I highly recommend this trip, and highly recommend booking with TDK Safaris for your next adventure!

I have the upmost respect for the Impala, harvesting one was more of a challenge then bringing a big ol’ Tom from his hens, or having a mature whitetail in bow range. Yes thats right I did say that, and yes I will back up my word. Hunting these Impala took us down to the wire, literally. They travel in herds, usually it is one Ram with fifteen females, or one Ram with ten other smaller Rams. They are very scarce animals and stay alert 24/7. Due to wrong winds, miscommunications, or the Impala simply not cooperating we could never get on a herd. They were either always one step ahead of us, or went to the other waterholes, they simply whooped our butts. On the last day we had to leave camp around 1 that evening, so we snuck in a last minute hunt. We spotted a big group of males that had two shooter Rams in there. The wind was right, there was good cover, and the stalk began to happen. We atleast crawled on our hands and knees for over a mile and half, gaining on these Impala as they were grazing through the grasses. Filming for a TV show I always want that creative second angle, my GoPro was running capturing it all, and I remember the guide looking back at me and saying they are 70 yards, when he did I bowed my head to pray to God to put all the tools together and bless me on this hunt. I usually do not pray for success, but I will admit I did this morning because I wanted this trophy so bad. As I said amen, I looked at my GoPro and its red 2H:03, We have been crawling and spot-n-stalking not these impala for over 2 hours and we still had about 30 yards to close the distance. The group bedded down which was a relief, however we had over 20 eyes all around. We were able to sneak up to the group, the big Ram was 50 yards, however one of his buddies were 20 yards bedded down infront of us, so we could not move. We knew it would be minutes before one spotted us, or the wind would change and the shooter would stand up, so we would have to make it happen fast. After about 5 minutes of a stare down and waiting game that seemed like forever, the shooter stood up! I drew the Obsession Delta 6 back and dialed my Trophy Ridge React One sight right behind the shoulder. The shot was perfect and he ended up going about 50 yards and piling up! This hunt really opened my eyes, really gave me the respect and passion I have for those African Safari animals. It is a true challenge and a true reward to be able to wrap my hands around that animals horn! This was a hunt of a lifetime!

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Jonathan Matthews Co-Host/Producer of Lethal Mission TV My name is Jonathan Matthew and I am 34 years old. I am married to my beautiful bride Amanda Matthews and I live in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. I am a Custom Home Builder and love building peoples dream homes. But my real passion is bowhunting whitetails . I have been hunting most my life and nothing compares. I love going out into Gods cr eation and trying to harvest one of His most majestic creatures. My dream has always be en to film and hunt. I am blessed to be a part of a group of people who share the sam e passion as me. Not only does this team love the outdoors and all it has to offer. We love the Lord as well. I can�t think of a better way to spend my life than to try and make th is world a better place by showing them the love God shows us through filming and shar ing our outdoor experiences. Follow us as we pursue our next Lethal Mission. Josh Anderson Host/co-producer Born and raised in the footsteps of my father and Grandpa, I was always outside, soaking up the good lords creation. My name is Josh Anderson praising God and hunting is what I do. I accepted Jesus Christ into my life on August 28, 2004, he is always number one, and is the one I will always serve and send thanks too, failure or success. I put God first in each and everything for I do, without him we are nothing, with him we are everything. He led me to fall in love with hunting at an early age. Ever since I could walk I would be sitting in my grandpa or father's lap in a deer stand or tractor I was listening, waiting, watching, and learning. You could find me out in the backyard hunting squirrels, rabbits, and birds as a little kid. If it moved, walked, or could be hunted I was hunting it. I took a deep passion to hunting at an early age, and have always had the desire and motivation to host my own hunting television show. Hunting, Videoing, Sharing, and touching lives through my Christian faith and filming are what I want to be known as. Hunting is my passion, my love for the outdoors is contagious, and my savior Jesus Christ guides me and drives me to do what I do. Ainsley Cash Co-host/producer My name is Ainsley Cash. I was born on February 29, 1996 and growing up I always had a strong bond with The Lord and my family. No matter what I faced, whether I was in school, participating in sports, or hunting, I knew I could always turn to my parents and the good Lord for guidance. On December 11, 2005 I committed my love for The Lord and knew right then and there where I was going to spend my eternal life. My Jesus died on the cross to save not only my sins, but also the entire worlds sins, whether they are believers or not. With hunting I want to pursue not only living the dream that every bow hunter/huntress wants to live, but I also want to give back to people whom deserve it. I want to strive to make my own charity fund to help out those who are in need. Whether it be the homeless, the abandoned, or someone who may even be lost with their faith. I want to have the ability to share my testimony with not only my friends and family, but also the entire world. By doing this I plan to share my faith and testimony through the way I feel most comfortable, and that is being in the outdoors, and being able to show the world some of God�s most beautiful creations. In trying to pursue this wild and crazy dream I have, I expect myself to exceed the high goals and expectations I have set for myself along the way. Hunting is my passion. The Lord is my savior. My family is my support system. And without these three adorations my life would be meaningless. I know this is my calling and I feel as if The Lord wants me to put my shy self in front of a camera and express my love and faith for him while hunting. Alex Hamilton Co-host My name is Alex Hamilton, I'm 25 years old and I was born and raised in Owensboro Kentucky. I was introduced to hunting by my granddad when I was 12 years old. I started hunting on my own at the age of 14 and killed my first deer at age 15. I am an avid bow hunter and bow fisher. I enjoy hunting most all game but turkey and whitetail are my favorite. I have come a long way since shooting my first deer and hope to take my love for the outdoors to a new level in the hunting industry.