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The Hunting Film Fest

March 16, 2016
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3 years ago THC conceptualized a Hunting Film Tour / Hunting Film Festival / Hunting Film Contest that was very different than the current platforms out there. We wanted to have a film contest that was completely online, that did not have grading or judging based on what camo you were wearing, what bow you were shooting.. Just judged on how good the film was. We also wanted it to be judged by your peers not a panel of judges. We wanted to give you the opportunity to not only show your film to a few thousand people at best at the traditional tours but to the masses and really be judged by hunters from all over… So the Hunting Film Fest was born..

A filmmaker uploads both a teaser and a full length film the teaser is open to the public for the first round of judging…Teasers are voted on by anyone who logs in and likes or shares the teaser through their either there face book , twitter or Google + accounts. The teaser will receive one vote per like or share only one time per person, so individuals can not sit there and keep liking or sharing their own stuff over and over .. The top ten teasers for the contest period will be entered into the contest. And subjected to another round of voting.  Filmmakers are encouraged to spread the word that their film is entered to gain exposure .. because lets face it, we are not doing this so our films sit in the corner. We want to touch anyone and everyone who is interested in hunting films. 

The film with the most votes wins the prize package for that contest period.. At the end of each year the Top three films from each contest period will be put on display at our national event in a tradition film tour fashion.. where awards will be given out in various categories..

If you have a film that you want the world to see.. if you want to see how your film stacks up against your fellow film-makers  than this is the film tour for you.. Enter your film here

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