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The Music City Fly Girls – Adventures on the White River

November 5, 2015
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On Thursday, October 29, the MCFGs met up at the Cracker Barrel in Dickson to begin our caravan to Mountain Home, Arkansas.  We had all been waiting on this for months and the day had finally arrived.  For us, half the fun is just getting there.  We stopped half way at a great little Mexican place in Paragould, then it was back on the road for our journey.  We reluctantly passed numerous yard sales, flea markets and antique stores since we had a shopping appointment at Dally’s Fly Shop in Cotter. After loading up with flies and other gear we just couldn’t pass up (fly girls love to shop), we headed on to our home for the weekend at Riverside Retreat www.whiteriverresort.com.  Once we arrived we broke out the celebratory bottle of wine to christen the beginning of the trip.  Owners, Chris and Carol Jackson took extra special care to ensure our stay was perfect.  After a delicious gumbo dinner prepared by fly girl Angela, we settled in for a humorous and informative presentation on the North Fork and White Rivers by Chris.

We were up early, headed to our meet up spot on the White when we received word from our guide that the generation schedule had changed and so we turned around and headed to the Norfork Dam.  We met our guide and talented artist Duane Hada in the parking lot.  We were all surprised to see that the river held very few people so we were each able to claim a fishing spot.

It only took a few casts before we began to hook into fish.  There were cheers and squeals up and down the river.  Using tandem rigs with sow bugs and scuds, we were having a great start to the morning.  Then, to our surprise and dismay, the horn sounded at the dam.  Two generators began to operate which pushed us to the shore.  At first, we thought the day would be over early but as good fortune would have it, we found soft pockets of water along the bank holding fish and the hook ups continued.  What a day!

We packed away our gear in the afternoon and headed to Duane’s place, Rivertown Gallery, for a wine and cheese art show. Special thanks to fly girl Sheryl, who was celebrating a delayed birthday.  Duane’s art is fabulous and we were delighted when he presented us with two prints to use in the CFR Holiday Auction.

After leaving the gallery, we headed back to the cabin for a delicious pasta dinner, thanks to chefs Nonie and Fredia. We each settled in for the evening after a few rowdy games of “Go Fish” using playing cards illustrating a variety of flies.

Saturday morning, most of us had arranged for guide trips on the White River so we headed out separately to meet our guides.  My boat buddy was Marjorie and we had a fabulous day with our guide John Berry  www.berrybrothersguides.com.  After fishing, we met up with the rest of the group at the Angler’s Cafe for a wonderful catered dinner.  Everyone was energized and sharing the experiences from their day.  The overcast fishing day and low water equated to large fat fish with numbers for each angler in the 40 to 60 fish range.  Most of the fly girls had never experienced this much action so spirits were soaring.

We made it back to the cabin to catch the last of the World Series and then headed off to bed.

Sunday morning, we all packed up and headed back to Nashville.  All of us, except for Shan, lovingly known as Scooter, who headed back to the dam, solo, and hooked up with several fish, two of them monsters!

We had such a great time, we already reserved our spot for next year.

If you haven’t tried Arkansas fishing, you don’t know what you are missing.  Give the great folks at Riverside Retreat a call.  They will “hook” you up!

For those of you who may not know, the Music City Fly Girls Fishing Club is an all women’s, no drama, group who love the outdoors, each other and finding new places to fish.  The group was co-founded by Susan Thrasher and Nikki Mitchell in 2007 and has been growing in membership each year since then. Check out the group at www.musiccityflygirls.com

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