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The Secret Spot

February 29, 2016
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Is it really a Secret Spot ?

By Chris Bates

With the warm weather now approaching us here in New England, we trout anglers start to get the adrenaline rush we have waited for all winter long and that is to get out warm water fishing on our favorite pond or stream here in Vermont.

But I have a question to ask all of you angling gurus, what is a secret spot? And does such a place really exist.

After being bottled up all winter long you’re ready to hit your favorite fishing spot and only to find that there are other anglers there catching your fish in your favorite stream.

You know you didn’t tell anybody about it, in fact you were telling your buddies you didn’t even go fishing to protect that secret spot. So why would there be others in your favorite fishing hole ?

The number one reason is that it really isn’t a secret spot at all; there isn’t a body of water that hasn’t been fished, looked at, or even camped on. Some one has been there at one time or another.

Most likely  you happened to come along when no one else was there fishing, so you took the natural progression, which is the secret spot became yours.

Fishing tends to be on the boring side when the fish are not active and when there is some activity, we anglers tend to protect that very spot we were catching the fish.

And as all anglers know we are always trying to be one up on the next angler looking for that great secret spot that holds one of Vermonts favorite commodites, the trout .

I have learned that after talking with a few different anglers that there is a secret code among the angling community , under no circumstances do we say where we caught these fish, to let that carefully gaurdred secret out would be the same as a magician letting out one of their trade secrets to an illusion trick , and that is simply not done.

We anglers will come up with all kinds of reasons why we can not tell you where the secret spot is, such as , you have to put in your time, If I tell ya I have to kill ya, I will have to blind fold you if I take you there, and so on, this list is as big as the phone book.

The other part of the secret spot phenomon that has always intrigued me, is when you do see fishing enthusiasts catching fish in theirsecret spot, up pops the next secret which is to figure out what they are using for bait.

And that is a whole different article about the secret bait, so the next time you see an angler fishing by themselves take in consideration it could be their secret spot.

Chris Bates Host “ Outdoor Secrets Unwrapped” with Stephanie Calabro The “Outdoor Secrets Unwrapped tv show can be seen daily on CAT-TV, GNAT- TV, Orca Media as well as the huntingchannelonline.com

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Chris Bates began his career as an outdoor enthusiast in 1980- 19 yr old Water-Fowler,and as time went on, Chris picked up the art of water fowl calling and his 12 gauge shotgun then in 1983, Chris purchased his first gun dog, a German Shorthaired Pointer. Chris learned to train upland bird dogs in the fine art of pointing. From that day on Chris never looked back. Chris's dogs have won numerous championships as well as some AKC honers. It was in 1985 when Chris opened his game farm/hunt club, and Chris became (at the time) the largest breeder of Bobwhite Quail in Northern Illinois, as well as Chukar partridge and wild turkey. Chris entered the world of Professional hunting in 1989- and was subsequently named 1989 winner of the Pheasant Championships with his German Shorthaired Pointer "Painter" Chris has finished in the top 10 in the 20 yrs that he competed with his dogs. With years of outdoor experience, including hunting and fishing, Chris began a media career that would take him to new heights, in 1990, Chris began doing fill in work for other accomplished broadcasters in the outdoor radio industry. from 2006-2008 Chris was a featured columnist for the Quad City Times and more recently a columnist for the Bennington Banner 2015 When Chris began his program "Hunting the Midwest" now known as Outdoor Secrets Unwrapped 26 yrs ago it wasn't long before he began changing the way outdoor programs were done. Chris Made it his mission to broadcast to the avid sportsman, but also to women and novices. That enthusiasm is evident, as Chris and Stephanie continue to tour the Northeast conducting and hosting Outdoor Secrets Unwrapped on station through out the Northeast. https://www.facebook.com/OutdoorSecretsUnwrapped/