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Turkey Hunting in the Southwest

May 11, 2016
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Turkey Season came and went here in New Mexico again. Even though I didn’t get to hunt, I am happy I got to take a new female hunter out and introduce her to the sport of hunting with the help of our friend Steve who knew that area and would be calling for her. I also had two days off and took my son Hunter out.  Any chance I can get out and introduce someone to hunting or take a youth out, it makes me happier than harvesting my own animal.

Opening weekend, we hiked a good 14 miles roundtrip and Heather ended up  passing on a Jake that came in  waiting out a few close gobbles in hopes a big tom would present himself. Unfortunately, the wind,  rain and snow decided to show up on her hunt. It snowed 6 inches that weekend! She chose not to hunt the rest of the weekend and sadly,  we didn’t get another opportunity to get back out. She loved it though and can’t wait for another opportunity to get outdoors and hunt!

Later in the season, I took my son Hunter out with our friend Jim.  After a good 3 mile hike in following a few gobbles, his opportunity came and we took cover against some trees and waited. Two hens came in and passed us at about 25 yards.  The two toms coming in gave a few gobbles and before we knew it, one of the toms presented a shot for Hunter.  In just seconds, Hunter aimed and shot but he shot just a little high.  After confirming it was a clean miss, we had another 3 miles to head out.  The weather decided to change our plans for us that evening, wind and snow took over that weekend.

We covered a lot of miles in just 2 days it just proves that hunting in the Southwest isn’t for the faint of heart! Turkey hunting here in New Mexico, the terrain and conditions are similar to elk hunting…only it’s turkeys.  Hiking 6-14 miles in steep rugged mountains in a day just to here a gobble and pray one comes in while you are sitting patiently up against a tree? Yep…that’s how we roll in New Mexico!

I am already looking forward to next Spring!  I sure hope I can get out to Tennessee and hunt birds next year with fellow contributor and amazing turkey hunter/guide, Rick Taylor.

Congratulations to everyone who harvested birds this Spring!

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My name is Helen Butt. I am from New Mexico. I live for my life in the great outdoors. I absolutely love to hunt. There’s something about being able to harvest an animal and feed your family that is just amazing. When I'm not hunting, I travel to compete in various 3D archery bowshoots. I am currently the NWTF Women in the Outdoors Coordinator for the State of New Mexico as well as our local NWTF Chapter President. I strongly believe wildlife conservation is vital, individual hunters make such a big contribution towards ensuring the future of many species of wildlife and habitat for the future.  My family and I are all members of the NWTF, the NRA the RMEF  and are active in mentoring our local Youth 4-H  and YHEC shooting sports competitions. It is important that our youth become involved and participate in hunting and that hunting mentors teach them what fair chase and ethical conduct and conservation is all about. I have also created an all female hunting/archery group called “Gals at Full Draw Outdoors". Empowering women and encouraging them to hunt and enjoy life in the great outdoors is my mission!