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Whitetail/Mule Deer Combo Hunt

December 16, 2015
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Ben and Tim came down from Washington to hunt mule deer with me opening week of the mule deer season, and wanted to try and take an elk if we could find them. There aren’t very many elk on the ranch, but there is a smal resident herd that lives there, and I had seen several good bulls in there over the summer. We went out the first morning and right off the bat, I found a nice whitetail buck. They had told me that they would be interested in taking a whitetail if we found a good one. We could tell the buck was really old and more than likely on the decline and I told Tim that was a buck that I’d really like to take if he wanted him. He decided he would, and after a perfectly placed shot from his .338, the buck was down. He ended up being 8 & 1/2 years old ! That evening, I glassed up a really nice mule deer buck that Ben wanted to take, so we made a mad dash across the canyon, got set up, took him with just a few minutes of light to spare. The next day, he took a nice management whitetail, and a big old management muley! Tim ended up taking the biggest whiteail we’ve taken so far this year on the evening of the 3rd day. I had been getting this buck on camera pretty regularly and Tim decided to go and sit a stand close to there. About 5pm, the buck came through and Tim made a great shot. The buck is a mainframe 8pt, with a 23″ inside spread and scored just under 150″!  On the next day we were set up glassing a canyon looking for elk when I found a lone aoudad ram bedded on a cliff. I knew there were a few sheep in the area and had gotten a trail cam picture of one, but this was the first one I had seen in person on this ranch. I showed him to Ben and he wanted to try and take him. We made a stalk and got to 550 yds and ran out of cover. Ben dialed his scope on his .300 RUM and hit the ram bedded. He jumped up and bailed off the cliff into a cut out of sight. We left Tim there spotting and Ben and I crossed the canyon and got up above where the ram had went in. I picked him up moving out of the othere side and Ben made a quick follow up shot and he was down! Although we never found the elk, they hunted 5 days, 3 trophy deer, a management deer, an aoudad, and four javelinas!

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Zach Knowles is a professional outfitter and guide as well as doing contract camera work for an outdoor television show in some of the most extreme destinations anywhere in the world. He thrives in the harsh places and isn't afraid to take on any challenge in any terrain. Zach’s family has been in the hunting and outfitting business since he was a small child and he spent a lot of his young years in Saskatchewan where his father outfitted 70+ deer and bear hunts a year. At 12 years old Zach harvested an elk, mule deer, and antelope on a trip to Wyoming and it was then that his love of the mountains and western hunting was born. Since then he has gone on to guide and harvest many more animals from Alaska to Mexico, to the Middle East. He owns and operates Xtreme Outfitters, running 60+ whitetail, mule deer, mountain lion, and sheep hunts a year. When he’s not guiding or hunting for himself, you'll find him in the team roping arena or at the ranch taking care of his commercial cow herd.