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Outfitting Your Outdoor Lifestyle
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August 19, 2016
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Why Do You Hunt?


Have you ever answered that question? It is a much harder question than one may think until you are actually answering it, especially when you are asked by somebody who doesn’t hunt or understand the act thereof. But the answer always comes easy for me and those that ask may wish they wouldn’t have by the time my story is over, but they will be left with a much clearer understanding of where I stand on the subject. They will respect me more as well and understand why I am a HUNTER.

Many have asked me why I hunt, and every time there are many answers that flood my mind as to why I hunt and why I do what I do. Let me explain this a bit for you. I hunt for various reasons, which include: I was raised this way, because I like the challenge, I like to eat the venison, I like the trophies on my wall, the bond it builds with others, it provides for my family and friends, the connection you feel with our Maker and with Mother Nature, and many, many other reasons. The list is really quite long!

Of those on the list, there are a couple reasons that I keep coming back to that mean so much to me. I was raised to appreciate Mother Nature and everything that there is offered to us in our world through that of the outdoors. My father was an amazing mentor, teacher, and hero. We spent many hours in the outdoors together. It is what we both loved to do together and I was like a sponge learning all that I could from this great man. So there is one main reason why I hunt; because it makes me feel closer to my father. He was taken too early in life and I was robbed by not getting to spend more time with him in many aspect of life. He had always said how proud he was of me; proud of the way hunting inspired me and how successful I was at it. To this day, my drive hasn’t changed one bit! I still strive to make him proud.

That also links to another reason why I hunt: to be half the father my father was to me. Raising two youngsters has taught me many things that I never understood in my younger years. I now realize and understand many things my Dad used to say to me. I often times catch myself saying them to my children. Shortly thereafter, I visualize an image of him telling me the same thing. It goes full circle, and I am more of a man now than I have ever been because of it. Thank you Dad! This also includes my girlfriend’s daughter who has also taken a liking to the outdoors. I enjoy teaching them everything that I can!

As any father who hunts, you hope that your children too will enjoy it and strive to someday hunt for themselves. I have been blessed in this aspect of life. Hunting is a staple in my lifestyle and I am happy to say that I think it will be in theirs too! Granted, they are only 5, 6, and 14 at this time, but they have taken a huge liking to hunting and the outdoors. They know far more about it than any other kid in their classes. For show and share at school, my youngsters explained the process as to how you quarter out an antelope! They even want to bring antlers and horns with them to school to teach their class. I have had teachers tell me numerous times how surprised they are at how much my children know about hunting and the outdoors! We live it, sleep it, breathe it, and eat it! I think I am doing something right! Time will tell, but I think the outlook looks great!

So why do I hunt? For many various reasons, but I like this answer: “Because it was in my ancestor’s blood, because it is in my families blood, and because it is in my (our) blood; the desire is here to stay!”

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At a very young age Jared was raised to appreciate Mother Nature and everything that It has to offer. His lifestyle and hunting passion is a desire that has been honed from a family up-bringing and years spent pursuing the wild game that he seeks. Jared enjoys his time spent in the outdoors connecting with the primitive instinct that was placed into man thoasands of  years ago; it is a God given right that he cannot get enough of and capitalizing on the opportunities is a daily goal of his. Jared enjoys supporting various outdoor and hunting related clubs and organization to help with better conservation practices while all bettering the game we pursue. Raising his two young children to appreciate the finer things in life that he was raised to grasp with a delicate hand all while teaching them the rules and the ways of the outdoors is a priority of his. Jared is a hardcore DIY backcountry hunter that takes pride in what the outdoors and the wild has taught him. Being able to connect with followers, readers, and viewers is something that he enjoys to do using written articles, video, and testimonials. Being supported by numerous companies in the outdoor and hunting community helps Jared continue to be a more successful sportsman. Being a freelance writer allows him to relive his adventures one word at a time through connecting with others in various facets in life. Jared, being a very goals driven individual, is always striving to meet and exceed his goals and expectations in life.