Capsule Game Feeders Are Easy to Use

Our Capsule Game Feeders Are Easy to Use. The Capsule Game Feeders are the safest and most reliable feeder available today.

One Fall day, while balancing on the side of a pickup truck, lifting 50 lb. bags of corn overhead, filling feeders, an idea was born. While watching a pack of wild hogs slam into the legs of an old tripod feeder, spilling expensive corn, the idea turned into a mission. Precious time wasted repairing timers and replacing motors from the ravages of raccoons, other varmints and mother nature, turned the mission into a passion.

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Now, climbing ladders seems crazy. Building fences around feeders to protect them from hogs is a total waste of money and time, and trying to outsmart a family of raccoons without the Capsule is impossible!

If simple technology solutions are the best, the Capsule feeder is the greatest invention in wildlife feeding technology.

You can spend your money on a cheap feeder, climbing ladders, wasting feed, and trying to outsmart varmints, or you can invest in a quality feeding solution and spend your time and money doing other things.

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