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Local Hunting Gear

Hunting is an exercise in humility. We might be at the top of the food chain, but when it comes to fair chase pursuits of species that evolved over thousands of years to survive relentless predators and the harshest conditions imaginable, we are simply outmatched in the wild.

Gear has the potential to level the playing field. It can help us integrate with the natural world and to go places and withstand conditions we never thought possible. It can improve focus, success, safety and enhance the entire experience. Hunting demands a lot from our gear, and we are committed to providing the advanced fabrics, smart design and specialized features hunters deserve.

This commitment to innovation continues to inspire everything we do. It’s a constant questioning: Are we doing everything we can to solve problems for the hunter in the moment?

Our Insiders have collectively hunted all throughout the globe, in various climates, with different brands, equipment, and supplies. Our goal is to channel this knowledge and experience and use it to help grow the hunting community by offering them a friendly and supportive atmosphere where they can gain knowledge, practice their skills, and purchase quality products.