Cory Reviews the Ravin R29X Crossbow

Cory Reviews the Ravin R29X Crossbow in The Outdoor Insider's Studio.

Ravin’s R29X is a speedster, with an advertised speed of 450 fps with a 400-grain bolt. Those numbers are possible, in large part, due to Ravin’s HeliCoil cam technology and its resulting 340 degrees of cam rotation. The R29X’s completely silent and integrated Versa-Draw system allows for easy cocking and uncocking, while the Trac-Trigger Firing System provides precision and safety. Ravin’s Frictionless Flight System “floats” the string and bolt above the rail for increased efficiency and better accuracy. The R29X also features a pistol grip, flared foregrip, safety wings and a rubber-wrapped buttplate and comb.

Cory Reviews the Ravin R29X Crossbow

The Ravin R29X comes fully assembled with an illuminated scope, a 3-bolt quiver, a crank handle, six +/-.003-inch straightness bolts with fieldpoints, an accessory bracket and an instruction manual.

The Ravin R29X Crossbow Specs:

  • Manufacturer: Ravin Crossbows, 800-724-7486;
  • Model: R29X
  • Safety Features: Anti-dry fire, auto trigger safety, safety wings
  • Riser: Ultra-compact, 7075-T6 aluminum
  • Cam System: HeliCoil
  • Axle-to-Axle Width: 6 inches cocked; 10 1/2 inches uncocked
  • String: 29 inches, proprietary integrated component
  • Cables (x4): 6.3125 inches, proprietary integrated component
  • Limbs: Split, PolyOne materials
  • Draw Weight: 12 pounds (with integrated cocking mechanism)
  • Power Stroke: 12.5 inches
  • Grip: Pistol style, finger contours, molded RTP
  • Stock/Forearm: Flared RTP with rubber overmold
  • Overall Length: 29 inches
  • Weight (crossbow only): 6.75 pounds (as advertised); 6.8 pounds (as tested)
  • Finish: Predator Dusk Camo
  • Advertised Speed: 450 fps with a 400-grain bolt
  • Comments: Accurate, compact, super-maneuverable and quick.
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