The Best Ravin Crossbow To Buy

What Is The Best Ravin Crossbow To Buy?

To be honest any Ravin crossbow you buy will be a great choice so it really comes down to the specs you want, the performance you want from it and ultimately your price range, but if money was no concern I would highly recommend the R29.

The Ravin R29 Crossbow ...

The Ravin R29 is part of Ravin’s 2019 crossbow line-up that also featured the R26. It is modelled after the legendary R20 and is therefore tied with its predecessor as the fastest Ravin crossbows on the market today. It is also the shortest crossbow, coming only second to the R26. It measures 29 inches full length, which is 5.5 inches shy of the R20. It also weighs 6.75 pounds and has axle to axle width of only 6 inches cocked and 10.5 inches uncocked.

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This bow is constructed from a skeletonized cast polymer stock that features huge cutouts on the buttstock, limbs and riser that considerably reduce its weight and improve balance. The R29 is fully clad in the Predator Dusk Camo that does not fade or peel and also gives it the perfect cover in the woods.

The R29 performs at an equal footing as the R20, providing rifle like accuracy and performance up to 100 yards. The incredible performance lies with the patented Helicoil technology that helps rotate the cams up to 340 degrees giving the bow the power to unleash a 400 grain bolt to the amazing 430fps speed and 164 foot pounds of power with just 12.5 inches of power stroke.

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It also features the exclusive Frictionless Flight System that keeps the arrow suspended above the flight rail. This eliminates bolt-track friction allowing for constant trajectory and improved downrange accuracy of the bolt. The Trac-Trigger Firing System (TTFS) utilized on this bow comes with a smooth 2.9 pound trigger break with less creep and overtravel.

In addition, the trigger system comes with the auto-safety and the anti-dry fire features that prevent dry firing before the bolt is properly loaded. The TTFS further doubles as a cocking and decocking device. Integrated with the Trac-Trigger Firing is the ambidextrous Versa-Draw cocking system that reduces the draw force to just 12 pounds making it one of the lightest cocking systems available. Also, this bow includes safety wings above the foregrip that prevent the hand from sliding into the flight path during action. The finger grooves and hard texturing on both sides of the foregrip reduce slips and allow for firm grip even with gloves.

The Best Ravin Crossbow
The R29 package features the following accessories: six 400 grain premium arrows and nocks, six 100 grain practice field points, a 3-arrow quiver, a mounting bracket, built-in sling mounts and a removable cocking handle. The built-in scope for this bow is the Ravin 100 Yard Illuminated Scope that boasts of fully multi-coated 1.5 to 5 power optics plus speed and arrow drop compensation settings for xbows that shoot between 300fps and 425fps.

The bow comes pre-assembled and pre-tuned from the manufacturer and can be shot right out of the box.

Overall the R29 is by far the best Ravin Crossbow to buy so if you have the budget get it, you won’t be disappointed!

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