Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Here at The Outdoor Insiders, we have assembled a team of experts that have traveled the world to pursue their passions for everything outdoors. From hunting and fishing, to camping and hiking our team is here to share their knowledge and help guide you with the right products, travel tips, and recommendations to make your next adventure the best one yet. Please take a few minutes to get to know our team and see what drives them to dream big and embrace the "Insider" title.

Mike Myers

I have been fortunate enough to be raised in a household where hunting, fishing, and being in the outdoors was the norm.  The camaraderie and the connection to the wild that hunting has always brought me is something I have always treasured and make a priority for my family to experience with me. Throughout my 15 years in the Marine Corps I was able to take part in some awesome hunting and fishing experiences.  Time spent in the woods and on the water with my three kids are where I have made my favorite memories. Throughout the year we can be found searching for shed antlers in late winter, chasing turkeys in the spring, fighting stripers and lake trout in the summer, stalking whitetail in the fall and ducks in the winter.  Since my retirement from the Marines I make it a point to travel to experience new parts of our country and world to spread my passion further.  I have been fortunate enough to spend a month on Kodiak Island fishing the incredible fisheries there, completing an incredible safari in South Africa, as well as hunting and fishing  Montana, Maine, Texas, Ohio, Florida, and the Carolinas. When I am not busy working as a financial advisor for Edward Jones in the area I live in, I can be found camping with my family or in the field with friends or family.  I am excited to be part of The Outdoor Insiders team and helping to spread the passion for the outdoors to others and ensure they have the best gear out there to make their adventures become memories they will cherish forever!

Ethan Demi

I grew up in Northeast Pennsylvania hunting everything from small game to whitetail with my father. As I grew older I dove deeper and deeper into my obsession with the outdoors. With that grew my passion for other things like conservation and wild game cooking. In 2019 I got the crazy idea to walk away from my steady construction company of 10 years to guide and work in the outdoor industry full time. I guide bow fishing and waterfowl for my guide service (Refraction Guide Service), upland birds at Ringneck Ridge, and whitetail & turkey at Latitude's Ohio Whitetail Company. In addition to guiding, I am lucky enough to be part of the The Outdoor Insiders. 

Melissa Hess

"I grew up just outside of Seattle and moved to Montana almost 3 years ago. After a few weeks of being out here, I shot my first rifle ever, tagged along on a few hunts and fell in love with the process. 
I grew up with 2 brothers. In my family, I’m the only person who owns a gun(s), I’m the only person who hunts, and I’m the only person who understands the value in that. I’ve come a long ways and never thought hunting would be one of my passions, but here we are. 
This last fall was my second year hunting. I didn’t grow up hunting, I actually didn’t even know much about deer and elk, like how they drop horns when they drop in testosterone, that only males grew antlers, how you can almost always find them on south facing slopes, that they can smell you 700 yards away lol. Just all the basic knowledge... I had none. 
Spent 2020 learning just about everything I could with hunting, built enough confidence to hunt without someone hosting me around. Took time to learn new public land spots (wish I spent more time doing that),asked a lot of questions, and just went for it." 

All of Melissa's knowledge obtained by grinding it out in the mountains the last couple years trying to figure it out clearly paid off as she punched her elk, mule deer, and antelope tags during her 2020 season. She is also very active in the conservation community with the Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance and other organizations. 

Mike Herbst

Born and raised in Missouri, Mike has been surrounded by prime opportunities to create a lifestyle centered in the outdoors. Mike began his career in the outdoor space at a young age and is now the owner and operator of Modern Angler Outfitters and Guides located in Southwest Missouri centered between Table Rock, Grand Lake, and Lake of the Ozarks as well as many others. His passion for bass fishing and bow fishing have planted him in the outfitting and tournament fishing realm. Aside from fishing during peak spring and summer months Mike spends his fall and winter months outfitting trophy white tail hunts in Missouri at A3 Outfitters. His knowledge in the whitetail game and passion for bringing the joy he feels to others pursuing the same is what drives him to succeed with his clients. “Everyone deserves to experience what we do, it’s my job to put them in a seat that will give them that chance.”

Jason Bradford

Jason Bradford is local to the Atlantic Region. He hunts, fishes and backpacks all over the country with his Family and Friends. He does this because he says, “pursuing game in Appalachian country is vastly different from pursuing game in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming or the saltwater marshes of the East Coast. “I don’t believe those who hunt the same location, even the same state, year after year, experience the joys of failure or gratitude of what the United States really has to offer.” Jason loves sharing camp with folks that are gritty and get after it but most importantly, folks who share the passion, camaraderie and the great memories that are created.