As a kid growing up enjoying the outdoors and the want to explore, my path after college led me to a career doing forestry and excavation work. Building a company consumed a lot of the extra outdoors time. After RHL Inc. Companies, Inc. became established with a great team it gave me the opportunity to get back to my passion for the outdoors and traveling. Hunting has given me the opportunity to see different cultures and learn different points of views and ways of living through several countries and states. With a love for archery and deadly game, Africa has had a large impact on my ambitions and pushed me to pursue the "deadly 7" with a bow. In North America my goal is to be within the first 100 people on record of completing the OVIS North American grand slam with archery equipment. All of this in sight, the most enjoyable hunts are the ones shared with my family and friends. With hunting and fishing trips from Bison in Nebraska to Mountain lion in Wyoming with my sons, to family trips to Costa Rica, Africa, and most recently Alaska these are memories that will last for decades. 


With the outdoors being such a valuable part of our lifestyle-not just from the experiences we gain, but the meat, fish, and memories we bring home; the concept of The Outdoor Insiders developed in our inspiration for sharing these experiences and lifestyles with others. With that, the idea of an outdoor store with a spotlight on archery was born. A place where people can not only buy top quality products but also gain knowledge from a well-experienced team, to sharpen their archery skills year-round, and become part of The Outdoor Insiders family.