My name is Steve and I am the Archery Pro-shop manager here at The Outdoor Insiders. As I’m sure many of you out there can relate, I grew up in a small-town where hunting, fishing, and the outdoors was not just a weekend hobby, it was and still is a way of life for us. We hunted and still hunt because we look forward to the sustenance it provides. The harvest is honestly my least favorite aspect behind hunting. The heritage, the comradery, the preparation, and sharing of that years memories and game with friends and neighbors drives me to continue to wake up before the woods takes on a color. The smell and aroma of the coffee at 4am, sitting with dad at his kitchen table brewing ourselves but with excitement as we prepare for the morning hunt is an experience to some that sounds exhausting but to me it’s elevating. My first love next to my family, was the outdoors. 

I was 12 years old when my dad bought me my first compound bow, I mowed a lot of grass that summer. I don’t think he realized the implications to what he had just done. For me, Archery has been a vessel, allowing me to travel around Pennsylvania running ridges for turkeys and whitetails, as well as  for competitive shooting, changing sale direction due west, where I have had the privilege to chase game as far as Washington state for Blacktail deer,  Roosevelt elk, and Mule deer and states in between.

The love affair I have with archery started with hunting, but with time it expanded into learning how that bow operated and more importantly learning if there was a way to make that bow more effective to give myself the best opportunity to give whatever animal I was chasing the most ethical and humane death. Shortly I realized that I enjoy working on bows almost as much as love shooting them. Between hunting and technical work I have over 20 years invested into archery and to this day every time I pick up a bow Im as excited or even more than the first time I was at full draw.