Mtn Ops: Energy & Focus Shot (12 Pack)



Powered by Natural Caffeine, Blaze Energy Shots are created with a unique blend of natural ingredients such as African Mango, Yerba Mate, Guarana, Green Tea and other natural ingredients, these convenient Blaze Energy Shots are the answer for anytime you need a boost. Simply pop the top, chug and enjoy the rapid boost of energy and focus to help you Conquer the day.


    Increase Energy - 6+ Hours


    Boost Mental Focus


    Concentration and Mental Clarity


    Amazing taste without the crash ending

Awaken your body and mind with IgniteTM. Get the most out of your training and maximize your overall performance by ensuring that both the mind and body are properly fueled. 900 mg of IgniteTM brain blend includes; Choline Bitartrate, Ly-Tyrosine and DMAE Bitartrate to improve cognitive function, resulting in elevated mental acuteness and clarity. Additionally, using the amino acid L-Citrulline, IgniteTM delivers 20+ hour release of Nitric Oxide providing smooth, long lasting energy as well as improved hydration, faster recovery and no jitters or crash. Whether you are getting ready to hit the trail head, walk through the gym doors or come out from backcountry heavy, Ignite your mind and body and don’t look back.

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